Dual-Barrier HP/HT Riser System

Aquaterra Energy and Plexus Holdings have developed a lightweight, dual--barrier high--pressure/high--temperature (HP/HT) riser system that can be deployed by a jack-up to enable an alternative to semisubmersible installation for HP/HT well operations. The technology is suitable for shallow water depths up to 150 m. By uniting Aquaterra Energy’s HP/HT riser system and Plexus’ wellhead--engineering technology, an inner riser string is installed inside a conventional high-pressure riser to span the gap between a dry-surface blowout preventer and a wet subsea tree. It provides 20,000‑psi capability and uses metal-to-metal gas-tight seals on both the external and internal riser string. The system also eliminates the issues associated with surface wellhead developments that contain elastomeric seals, particularly those located between the mudline and surface. In comparison with semisubmersible mobile units, new-generation, heavy-duty jack-up drilling units can now undertake drilling, completion, intervention, and abandonment activities at lower day rates and reduced risk. Moreover, they can potentially mitigate the heavy loading implications and weather constraints often associated with semisubmersibles.

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Aquaterra Energy and Plexus Holdings’ dual-barrier HP/HT riser system.



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