Wellhead Outlet

AnTech launched three new products within its Wellhead Outlet (WHO) range. The Type C Wellhead Outlet, which was designed and developed by the company for use in hazardous environments, features safe and simple installation, created in compliance with a broad range of professional standards. AnTech has launched three further outlets based upon the Type C, including Types CB, CC, and CD. Each adaptation has been designed to suit various working environments, including pressure ranging from 5,000 to 15,000 psi, temperatures from -60°C to 160°C, and various voltages.  Wellhead Outlets Type CB and CC are focused on lower-cost applications where a high level of specification is required. The Type CD wellhead outlet has been designed accredited with the Type 1, Division 1 certification, allowing it to operate safely in some of the world’s most stringent wellsite environments, including the Gulf of Mexico. Because the company’s wellhead-outlet products require minimal connections, they are a safe and efficient alternative to multiple connectors. The Type-C range brings substantial cost benefits to clients at a time when operators must reduce expenditure.

AnTech’s Type C Wellhead Outlet.


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