Exhaust-Gas-Cleaning System

The Alfa Laval PureSOx exhaust-gas-cleaning system is a flexible choice for sulfur oxide abatement. Its compact construction and multiple configurations, combined with custom engineering, make it easy to adapt for individual vessels (Fig. 5). With the launch of an inline I-design scrubber, the ­Pure­SOx platform is now even more versatile. The inline-scrubber design, or I-design, builds directly on proven PureSOx technology. It provides an additional alternative for vessels with more-complex structural needs. As with the U-design PureSOx scrubber, the I-design scrubber can be configured with multiple inlets. This reduces space needs and installation costs by allowing one scrubber to handle exhaust gas from multiple sources, including boilers as well as the main and auxiliary engines. A further alternative for inline PureSOx configurations is reflux. Reflux involves the creation of two separate loops: one for the jet and a second for the absorber. In the jet loop, clean water is evaporated by means of the waste heat in the exhaust gas. The vapor is then recondensed as clean water in the absorber loop. The water-cleaning unit is a vital component of any closed-loop or hybrid PureSOx system. When the scrubber is in closed-loop mode, the unit removes soot from the circulation water, thus protecting the scrubber and enabling compliant discharge of bleedoff.

The Alfa Laval PureSOx exhaust-gas-cleaning system is adaptable to individual vessels.


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