Pipeline-Monitoring System

Paraffin-wax deposition and calcium-­carbonate scaling cause significant costs for oil companies. Significant savings can be achieved when the pipeline deposition and scaling are monitored continuously in order to control dosage of antiscaling and antideposition chemicals widely used in the oil and gas industry. Deposition Watch, developed by tomographic instrument provider Rocsole, is a new instrument that produces real-time images of what is collecting on the inner wall of the sensor, for continuous control of the chemical feed. The instrument provides a visual image of the interior of the pipe even when the pipe is 95%, or in some cases even 100%, blocked by deposition. Some operators do not use antiscaling and antideposition chemicals to prevent pipe buildup. These operators can use Deposition Watch to monitor deposition-growth rate for optimization of the pipe-pigging cycle. Pipe-deposition and slug-flow data provided by Deposition Watch can also be used in validation of a multiphase-flow simulator. The system is based on a nonnuclear technology called electrical-capacitance tomography, an imaging technique that can be used for the determination of the permittivity distribution of a dielectric medium, within a region of interest.

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The Deposition Watch pipeline-monitoring system by Rocsole.


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