Toe Sleeve

As challenges associated with traditional toe sleeves continue to leave operators at risk of leaks and system failure, there is a growing need for advanced technologies that reliably maximize production and eliminate excess costs. To meet these demands, PetroQuip introduced BigFoot, a 5.5-in. P110 toe sleeve rated to 18,000 psi with a maximum test pressure of 13,400 psi and a sleeve-open pressure of 4,600 psi. With coiled-tubing costs reaching nearly USD 30,000/D, BigFoot benefits operators by eliminating the need for coiled tubing to be run to initiate circulation. BigFoot’s patented design enables operators to run multiple tests at any maximum or desired pressure for as long as necessary. The toe sleeve can also be opened at any time. These features can be coupled with the option of conducting multiple high-pressure tests and opening at a lower pressure.

PetroQuip’s BigFoot toe sleeve eliminates the need for coiled tubing to be run to initiate circulation.


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