Torque Tester

Most torque measurements are indirect, inferring torque through hydraulic-pressure gauges. Many common tool-joint problems can be traced to improper makeup on the rig floor. Under-makeup can result in connections making up downhole (thread damage, slower tripping), connections backing out downhole, and higher risks of washouts. Overmakeup can deform pins and boxes, damage shoulder seals, and increase the risk of parted pipe. The Pason Systems Iron Roughneck Torque Tester combines ease of use and accuracy. The Iron Roughneck tester features temperature-compensated strain-gauge technology, reliable and stable for long periods. Its accuracy yields an error rate less than ±1% of the full load. The torque tester is easy to use—the user simply places the tester in the grips and applies torque. Its measuring range can be customized to customer requirements, with units in lbf-ft or N•m. The tester also comes complete with a certificate of calibration.

The Iron Roughneck Torque Tester from Pason Systems.


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