Thermal-Dispersion Mass Flowmeter

Magnetrol introduced the Thermatel TA2 thermal-dispersion mass flowmeter with Foundation fieldbus digital-output communications. This addition signifies the growth of the Thermatel TA2 mass-flow-technology offering and the Magnetrol commitment to continued development in flow-measurement and -control solutions. The Thermatel TA2 with Foundation fieldbus offers all of the advantages of the standard TA2 model, including dual-gas calibration with two unique curves (e.g., propane and natural gas), field adjustability for installation in different gas types, or adjustment for different gas mixes. A calibration-verification procedure provides cost savings because of decreased process downtime and avoidance of unnecessary recalibrations. The Thermatel TA2 mass flowmeter also features internal resettable and nonresettable totalizers, and has a strong signal at low flows and low pressures with high turndown. The Thermatel TA2 mass flowmeter and the Eclipse Model 706 guided-wave-radar transmitter, the E3 Modulevel displacer transmitter, and the Orion Enhanced Jupiter magnetostrictive level transmitter form the Magnetrol Foundation fieldbus family.

The Thermatel TA2 thermal-dispersion mass flowmeter from Magnetrol.


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