Frac-Pack Solution

In low-permeability reservoirs or formations with drilling-induced damage, high-conductivity frac-packs can enhance production. But, too often, fracture height and conductivity are limited by the capability of vessels, equipment, and fracture fluids. This can compromise short- and long-term production performance and diminish recovery factors while driving up intervention costs. Baker Hughes introduced the TORRENT frac-pack solution, which helps to plan and execute holistic, reservoir-driven frac-pack programs. The customized solution helps operators create and maintain high-conductivity fractures to improve ultimate recovery through long-term, maximized production. Included in the solution is a combination of fit-for-purpose modeling and design software, the company’s SC-XP frac-pack platform, and Spectra Frac G fracturing fluids with proprietary organoborate crosslinker and enzyme-breaker technology. The solution is delivered by high-performance vessels to improve operational reliability and create optimal fracture geometries while remote, real-time monitoring and analysis capabilities allow shore-based experts to make necessary adjustments. Long-term flow assurance is ensured with specialized fines-stabilization agents and advanced solids inhibitors.

Control-room use of Baker Hughes’ TORRENT frac-pack solution.


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