Portable Roll Groover

Victaulic introduced the VE206 portable roll-grooving tool, providing a versatile, durable pipe-grooving solution to make pipe preparation more efficient in the oil field. The VE206 improves the efficiency of on-site roll-grooving operations. Tool components are lightweight for easy transport and assembly, reducing site-to-site setup and takedown time. An ergonomically designed tool head featuring two handles enables quick, easy on/off mounting. The VE206 can be configured in multiple ways to meet crew and job-site demands. The versatile design enables the tool head to be mounted securely to any tripod stand with a Ridgid 300 bolt pattern or the flatbed of a roustabout truck. The hydraulic hand pump can be mounted on either side of the tool for right- or left-hand operation. The roll groover is compatible with multiple power-drive units, including the Victaulic Style VPD752, Ridgid 300 and 700, and Rems Amigo 2. Built with durable components, the roll groover is designed to withstand heavy use in the field. The VE206 roll grooves 1¼- to 6-in. carbon-steel and stainless-steel pipe up to Schedule 40. Optional roll sets are available to groove light-wall stainless steel and copper. Tool components include a power-drive unit, hydraulic hand pump, tripod stand, and foot-pedal power switch.

Victaulic’s VE206 portable roll groover.


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