Multisignal Calibrator

The JOFRA ASC-400 portable multisignal calibrator from Ametek provides laboratory accuracy in a device compact enough to fit into a toolbox or to operate with one hand for easy field calibration, process monitoring, or maintenance functions. The ASC-400 features a high-contrast color display and a user-friendly interface. The instrument’s accuracy is designed to meet the demands of modern pressure sensors and transmitters. The ASC-400 is capable of simultaneous read-back from devices under test. When used with calibration software, it also can document. The device is able to perform fast simulation and works with pulsed transmitters. It also can be used as a high-accuracy thermometer through the use of resistance-temperature detectors and Callendar-van Dusen equations. The compact calibrator features a full numerical keypad with cursor and function keys. In addition, fuseless protection guards the instrument from voltage overloads up to 250 volts, eliminating the need for expensive repairs and recalibration. It can be carried in a soft case with a pocket for test leads and an opening in the top that provides easy access to the test terminals.

The JOFRA ASC-400 multisignal calibrator from Ametek.


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