Bridge Plug

The Weatherford StrongHold retrievable bridge plug provides a high-­pressure, gas-tight seal for temporary zonal isolation, wellhead repair and replacement, pressure testing, and stimulation operations. Specifically designed for applications in the North Sea, the robust plug meets all International Organization of Standardization specifications and 14310-V0 qualifications. The bridge plug can be set by use of conventional electric-line, slickline, or hydraulic ­setting tools. Bidirectional slips anchor the plug securely into the tubing to the maximum-rated differential pressure in both directions. The plug has a three-piece, hydrogenated-nitrile-rubber elastomer element that seals gas-tight at pressures up to 10,000 psi (68.9 MPa). Plug retrieval is straightforward on slickline, coiled tubing, or jointed pipe. Once the retrieval tool engages the bridge plug, a jar-down action shears and locks open an equalizing valve while the plug is still set in place. A straight pull releases the plug for removal from the wellbore.

Weatherford’s StrongHold retrievable bridge plug.


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