Onboard Renewable Energy for Offshore Platforms

Amphibious Energy has developed an offshore energy container (EC), which is portable and powered by a highly specialized offshore wind turbine. Wind energy is converted to electrical power and stored in multiple battery packs. Each EC supplies a minimum of 3500 kWh. For small platforms, a single EC suffices; larger platforms can use multiple ECs. The turbine, with a diameter of 2 m, is made of aluminium and is fully offshore-coated. It is equipped with durable offshore bearings, and can be fitted with a range of generators (3, 5, or 10 KW). If the wind exceeds a certain threshold, the wind turbine will stop itself to protect the electrical systems. After a short cool-down period, the turbine is released and continues operation automatically. A standard EC is equipped with a redundant inverter system and a charger to provide constant power in various formats. It is configured to survive a minimum of 2 weeks without wind. The batteries provide ample power to maintain the safety systems on board. The health of each EC can be remotely monitored onshore. The EC enables reduction of operational cost on platforms significantly while at the same time supplying them with clean, renewable energy.

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