Onshore-Rig-Operation Utility Winch Series

Ingersoll Rand introduced the Hydraulic Force Series, a new portfolio of utility winches for onshore rig manufacturers and operators in North America. The Hydraulic Force Series winches are built to support material-handling needs, from lifting equipment to racking and stacking pipe. The winches save customers time and resources with simple plug-and-play installation and come fully tested as a complete system. They are currently available in 8,000- and 12,000-lb capacities; 1,000- to 3,000- and 6,000-lb capacities will be available in late summer 2017. All models come equipped with a variety of control options and a wireless-compatible interface to help maximize performance and align with advancing technology trends. The 8,000- and 12,000-lb winches can be configured to include texted controls; hydraulic gear motors, which operate smoothly even in harsh environments; rope guides and press rollers; drum guards, which help protect the operator while maintaining visibility of spooling; automatic negative static multidisc brakes, which ensure safe operation even if the system were to lose pressure; and pedestal bases. All Hydraulic Force Series winches ship with a test certificate verifying operation of the complete system.

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Hydraulic Force Series winches from Ingersoll Rand come equipped with a variety of control options and a wireless-compatible interface.



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