Frontera Resources

Frontera Resources has mobilized a workover rig to its Ud-2 well onshore Block 12 in Georgia. The rig will carry out operations to clean the well, retrieve the packer, and set the bridge plug, thereby making three intervals accessible for perforation and extended testing. The well is located in the Mtsare Khevi Gas Complex, a 950-km2 area. Two of the area’s reservoirs, the Miocene-aged Gareji and the Oligocene-aged Maykop, are estimated to hold 8.3 Tcf of gas in place, with over 6 Tcf believed to be recoverable. Frontera plans to connect the Ud-2 well with the Mtsare Khevi gas-processing facility, which is located 18 km from the well itself. The facility is directly linked with the Georgian gas-distribution infrastructure.


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