Pipe-Handling System

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National Oilwell Varco (NOV) introduced the PipeCat FX to its line of horizontal pipe-handling systems. The PipeCat FX, which has an adjustable catwalk to accommodate drill-floor heights of 20 to 35 ft, delivers tubulars from the ground level to the drill floor and back. The PipeCat FX has a modular design that enables easy transportation through tail-boarding, conventional loading on a flatbed, and walking with the rig when moving from well to well on a pad. The PipeCat FX uses hydraulic operations and circuitry to offer longer duty cycle and increased reliability. The PipeCat FX is capable of handling Range II and Range III tubulars with diameters from 3½ to 20 in. and has a lifting capacity of up to 8,000 lbs. Additionally, a deck height of 42 in. eliminates the need for a harness. When activated by the tool operator, the passive skate aids delivery of tubulars from the elevators down the trough of the catwalk. The pipe weight drives back the skate, allowing unhindered pipe lowering, and optic sensors around the platform of the tool automatically shut down operation when movement is detected, ensuring personnel safety.

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