High-Pressure Invasion Tester

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Testing of drilling fluids has numerous important facets, and increasingly significant property measurements are fluid loss and, by extension, the bridging capacity of the fluid being tested. Low fluid loss and minimal loss of whole fluid are integral parts of modern drilling-­fluid design and have become vital performance criteria. Considering the current industry-specified testing to characterize the performance of both fluid loss and bridging capability in a drilling fluid but given the risk in working with compressed gas in certain locations, Vertechs has developed a unique test device called the High-­Pressure Invasion Tester (HPIT). The HPIT depends on generating a mechanical force to a confined test body that applies pressure up to 1,100 psi to the fluid sample. The results are visible in the inspection tube, and the equipment is portable. The test medium is sized sand or rock, and could be fitted with a core block if desired. The HPIT requires no compressed gases and no electrical outlet, can be delivered to any location, and poses minimal risk to the user. HPIT can be used to test untreated drilling fluids and assess the effect of adding loss-prevention products when troubleshooting downhole problems.

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