Wellbore-Pressure-Management System

Weatherford introduced the PressurePro control system, a fully integrated rotating-control-device (RCD) and choke system for wellbore-pressure management on land. The control system combines the SafeShield 5M RCD, which has a 5,000-psi rating, with the PressurePro set-point choke. The system can be used for managed-pressure-drilling, underbalanced-drilling, and foam-­drilling applications. With semiautomated functionality and a user-friendly interface, the system does not require specialized personnel, continual supervision, or manual adjustments. Before drilling, the desired pressure set point is input. Then, during drilling, the system automatically senses changes in downhole pressure and instantly adjusts the choke to maintain wellbore pressure within 5 psi of the set point.

For additional information, visit www.weatherford.com.

The PressurePro control system from Weatherford fully integrates a rotating control device and electric choke for semiautomated wellbore-pressure management.



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