Legion of Honor

SPE welcomes 99 members into the Legion of Honor, which observes 50 years of consecutive membership in the Society. Each honoree becomes dues exempt and receives a commemorative plaque marking the milestone. The honorees are listed below under their respective sections.

Alaska Section
Robert Iden

Amarillo Petroleum Section
John W. Walker Jr.

Austin Section
Jack E. Coffman

Balcones Section
Kevin M. Henning

Bartlesville Section
Charles R. Clark
Thomas N. Dixon

Billings Petroleum Section
Edward B. Campen

Calgary Section
Rajendra Kumar Agrawal
Reiji Kadonaga

California Coastal Section
Ronald W. Bowman

Dallas Section
Herbert J. Bell Jr.
Ralph D. Burks
Richard R. Frazier
Jagannath R. Ghole
Richard H. Schroeder
Malcolm K. Strubhar

Denver Section
Marshall C. Crouch III
Thomas J. Cryan
D.A. Frawley
Craig W. Van Kirk

East Kentucky Section
Bernie J. Miller

East Texas Section
Fred B. Hudspeth
Charles E. Rhodes

Evangeline Section
Donald A. Bazer
Alvin Bellaire Jr.
Hal B. Butts
Joel A. Guichard
Thomas J. Low
Michael P. Mcgrath
Herman H. Rieke

Fort Worth Section
Rodrick E. Grant

German Section
Alfred Stachel

Golden Gate Section
Erwin Durrer

Gulf Coast Section
Abdalla A. Abdalla
Larry A. Aimes
Robert D. Batten
Charles L. Brittan
Robert B. Burnham
Stephen D. Chesebro’
Ernest J. Dickinson
Gerald W. Dupont
Ted D. Garner
Warren S. Hawkins
Lyle E. Henderson
Hal K. Jarrell
Charles A. Ledet
Carl E. Lindberg
Michael A. Norton
Victor D. Obadiah
Van W. Orr
Jerry W. Rodriguez
Richard H. Rowe
John V. Salerni
George E. Slater
William W. Todd
Chas W. Townsend
Richard D. Turner

Kuwait Section
Ahmad A. Saleh

London Section
Peter W. Barnes
Jess H. Stiles Jr.
Piet Hein Velzeboer

Los Angeles Basin Section
C.R. Knowles Jr.
Warren K. Kourt
Richard J. Miller
Richard M. Weinbrandt

Lou-Ark Section
Robert E. Gray
James A. Rizer

Mexico Section
Carlos Islas Silva

Michigan Section
Lary D. Horton

Mid-Continent Section
Charles R. Garner
Samuel C. Swift

Midwest Gas Storage Section
James C. Crisman

Mississippi Section
Emil H. Pawlik

New York and New England Petroleum Section
Robert O. Winkler

New Zealand Section
Aller Spanninga

No Established Section—Eastern North America Region
David A. Beard

North Texas Section
Rob L. Roark

Northern West Virginia Section
Royal J. Watts

Ohio Petroleum Section
Walter F. Fox Jr.

Oklahoma City Section
Frank E. Ashford
Gary E. Folmnsbee
Jay Kent Smith
Terrence R. Willie

Pacific Northwest Section
Norval D. Ballard
David B. Del Mar
Stephen C. Rose

Permian Basin Section
Rajeshwar Kumar
Kenneth B. Nolen
Robert B. Wilson

Roswell Section
Charles C. Joy

San Joaquin Valley Section
Stanford Eschner

Southwest Oklahoma Section
Sherman Fredrickson

Southwest Texas Section
Floyd R. Boen

Western Australian Section
Alan S. Pitts

Western Slope Section
James V. Sidwell
Daniel H. Stright Jr.

Wichita Petroleum Section
James T. Borger
Williston Basin Section
David D. Peterson

Wyoming Petroleum Section
Alan E. Leske


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