Wellbore-Cleanup Chemical

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Aubin Group has introduced CW-80 to its established range of wellbore cleaners. CW-80 is a proprietary, single-drum well-displacement chemical for wellbore clean up that is free from price-sensitive orange terpenes and offers enhanced cleaning performance. Wellbore cleanup is a vital process that ensures that casings and pipes are water-wet, leaving the well ready for completion. The completion process relies heavily on the effective performance of chemical-wash treatments to prepare the walls of the casing. Available from its three manufacturing locations in the UK, UAE and Houston, Aubin’s CW-80 provides highly effective levels of surface cleaning in a single treatment, simplifying the cleanup process and reducing chemical inventories at the rig site. The product can also be viscosified and deployed with used Aubin’s pipeline range of pigs and gels. Compatible in freshwater, seawater, and brines, CW-80 is free from the terpenes used in the traditional high-performance cleaners which are subject to volatile pricing and availability. The cleaning properties of these citrus solvents within industry standards are well understood. However, CW-80’s new synergistic surfactant/solvent blend achieves higher cleaning standards in a more cost-effective and stable manner.


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