Tubing-Conveyed Perforating Gun System

Designed for use in challenging environments in the Gulf of Mexico, the Extreme Pressure Series 30,000‑psi tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) gun system from Expro provides area-open-to-flow (AOF) to support frac- and gravel-pack operations. Delivering 18–22 shots per foot with steel HMX charges, standard casing sizes of 7 in. to 7¾ in. in combination with the 4¾-in. outer diameter (OD) system will achieve 6- to 7-in. AOF. However, ­larger casing sizes of 9⅝ to 10¾ in., using the 6⅝-in. OD system, will deliver 13- to 15-in. AOF. Developed in collaboration with high-performance gun-system provider GEODynamics, the system is complemented by fully rated dual hydraulic firing heads and drillstem-testing tools for underbalanced perforating applications. The 30,000-psi TCP guns and associated equipment were specifically designed for the deepwater environment, where operators typically frac- or gravel-pack wells after perforating and require the most AOF possible. Now fully field-tested, the gun system can deliver a high perforating hole size for achieving optimal completions and subsequent performance.

For additional information, visit www.exprogroup.com.

Expro’s 30,000-psi TCP gun system is specifically designed for challenging deepwater environments.



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