Integrated Well-Design Platform

Intelie, a data analytics company that offers solutions for the oil and gas industry, has developed an Integrated Well-Design Platform that has succeeded in reducing the well-planning time associated with drilling and completion operations by more than 50%. Similar to a navigation program that is able to determine an optimal driving route by considering various dynamic and static data points, Intelie uses a data-adaptive approach to well planning. The platform facilitates integration and analysis of data input and output from each component of the planning process, synthesizing the information, and performing automated system-integrity and overall conformity checks between the interdependent components. Any changes to an individual planning component that may affect other areas are flagged, notifying the appropriate parties. The platform takes unstructured data processes, decision trees, and data-collaboration protocols and automates them while permitting users to collaborate on well design. Intelie is currently providing Petrobras and Premier Oil with the platform, enabling the optimized planning of hundreds of wells and supporting thousands of users. Intelie also provides a real-time aggregation, analytics, and visualization platform, as well as advanced data solutions using various artificial-intelligence and machine-learning methods.

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Intelie’s Integrated Well-Design Platform uses a data-adaptive approach to well planning instead of a traditional fixed serial method.



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