Casing Gas Separator

The Casing Gas Separator (CGS) from BlackJack Production Tools is a tool that is easy to run, low-risk, nondisruptive to existing drilling and completion practices, and significantly improves gas handling by doubling separation capacity in artificially lifted wells. The CGS is designed to adapt to multiple lift forms and improve their peak performance envelope while simultaneously reducing costly interventions, operating expenses, and downtime. The CSG is run as part of the casing string into a newly drilled well with no alterations to the drilling program in most cases. The CGS is commonly placed at a kickoff point or can be run lower and set in a tangent if desired. The CGS is cemented permanently in place for the life of the well. Completions and flowback take place without any changes to normal operations. The system has a fully opened inner diameter matching the rest of the casing in the well. There are no sleeves to shift or profiles to mill out. Once the well needs to be placed on artificial lift, a lift-specific isolation tool is then run and set to generate the desired flow path. Virtually any form of lift can be adapted to work with the CGS by adding one of BlackJack’s lift-specific isolation tools to the string. 

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The Casing Gas Separator from BlackJack Production Tools in different operational stages: (a) after being run in hole, (b) as sleeves dissolve, (c) during electrical-submersible-pump production, and (d) during rod-pump production.



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