RFID Cementing Port Collar

Weatherford has developed a radio-­frequency identification (RFID) cementing port collar that facilitates efficient cement placement to help operators achieve a competent annular barrier in mature fields and narrow pressure-window environments. Conventional stage-cementing tools typically impart some amount of pressure surge, which can potentially compromise formation integrity and the ensuing cement job. However, the RFID cementing port collar is an interventionless fluid-management device that will not induce a pressure surge to the formation upon opening. It is preprogrammed off the critical path to client-specific applications, thus reducing nonproductive time. To open, a frequency-modulated pressure signature is applied down the casing or liner to the port collar after a shutoff plug lands in a float collar. The sleeve opens after a predetermined delay. Following cement placement, a closing plug is deployed to close and lock the sleeve. The port collar provides an International Organization for Standardization 14998 V0-rated barrier and is compatible within hydraulic and mechanical liner installations, conventional casing, and drilling-with-casing or drilling-with-liner systems. Because each RFID cementing port collar operates with its own unique signal, there is virtually no limit to the number of collars that can be installed at strategic depths on multistage cementing operations. 

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Weatherford’s RFID cementing port collar does not induce a pressure surge to the formation upon opening, thus maintaining formation integrity.



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