Gas Analyzer

Baseline, the industrial analyzer group within MOCON, introduced the latest addition to its PetroAlert Series gas analyzers. The Series 9200 PetroAlert gas analyzer combines the selective detection of a gas chromatograph (GC) with the continuous monitoring abilities of a total hydrocarbon analyzer (THA) in a compact, sensitive, and stable instrument. The Series 9200 is specifically engineered to meet the requirements of the oil and gas industry’s exploratory well-logging process. Each PetroAlert is factory-configured to meet specific customer monitoring requirements. The analyzer incorporates dual-flame ionization detectors, one dedicated to the GC and the other dedicated to total hydrocarbon measurement. The GC performs fast C1 to C5 analysis (less than 30 seconds, preserving the C1–C2 separation at 200:1 concentration ratios) with a detection limit of less than 10 ppm as methane (CH4), while the total hydrocarbon detector continuously monitors total hydrocarbons down to 0.003% and up to 100% as CH4. The microprocessor-based analyzer is controlled by a fully integrated system software. The analyzer’s data-collection features include chromatograms and user-­definable options for exporting data to logging software. The PetroAlert’s automatic calibration feature is ideal for unattended operation. The instrument’s compact size and design allow for either a 19-in. rack-mount configuration or benchtop use.

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The Series 9200 PetroAlert gas analyzer from MOCON features a compact size and design that allows for either a 19-in. rack-mount configuration or benchtop use.



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