Production-Forecasting Service

BetaZi Basin Studies provides bundled, prerun production forecasts on every well in a basin loaded onto an interactive Spotfire project. It uses TGS data and BetaZi’s proprietary physics-based predictive analytics to give users easy access to public data, tested forecasts, type curves on the fly, and basic economics. The product is a response to the availability of big data sets and the need to see every well’s past and future instantly. The company’s partnership with TGS for data, delivery, and support makes the offering optimal for the industry. Basin Studies brings deep-dive capabilities to producers, investors, and lenders who need an instant, unbiased evaluation of an asset’s future production. The forecasts offer bounds that provide needed context of future outcomes. Oil and gas well forecasts with their P10 to P90 distributions are visualized by color and size on maps and graphs, with quick-click filtering by any parameters of interest. Results and data are downloaded easily to economic programs or as Excel spreadsheets. Forecasts are rerun and studies are updated monthly.

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