Pump-Down Logging Truck

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National Oilwell Varco (NOV) recently announced the launch of its new DynaWinch iMaxx pump-down logging truck. Standard logging trucks offer limited vision, often as low as 18° of visibility, between the van’s rear sidewalls. Even modified trucks with no sidewalls fail to increase the scope of vision beyond approximately 74°. To overcome this deficiency, NOV developed the new iMaxx truck, which offers all the functionality of a traditional logging van but has an enhanced vision range of 176°. The new truck addresses operator concerns regarding field of view, particularly when operating on multiwell pad locations, by incorporating a full front observation window, two larger side windows, and an extra-large skylight window. Though larger windows generally cause more solar heat to enter the cabin, the new truck uses laminated Saflex SG solar-absorbing interlayer glass to mitigate the issue. This new glass provides improved structural integrity, effectively blocks solar heat transfer, and helps reduce exterior noise. The captain’s chair has also been upgraded with powered lumbar support, an adjustable base, and heated seat, among other features, to address the need for ergonomic, comfortable seating options for operators who will be spending large amounts of time in the chair. All standard features required for traditional wireline and logging activities are still available with the iMaxx truck.


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