Chemical-Injection Controller

With the increasing complexity of reservoirs and wellbores, the need for greater amounts of chemicals is a problem operators face. Chemical usage is expensive, not typically environmentally friendly, and needs to be pumped at precise ratios to be effective. Existing methodology for controlling chemical-injection pumps is essentially analog and static at the wellsite. Graco’s Harrier+ chemical-injection controller uses electronic controls, including a ­coupled tank-level monitor, that record and store data from the pump and chemical tank, including pump strokes and chemical volume used. With this data, the chemical-injection controller can be adjusted to continuous or batch treat, tank levels of chemicals can be recorded and stored, and pump speed can be remotely adjusted. This enables operators and engineers to reduce downtime, increase accuracy of chemical flow rates, and optimize chemical use. Tank levels can be monitored for immediate leak detection, email alerts can be set up, chemical inventories and reorder points can be optimized, and redundant flow-rate confirmation can prevent false positives. Historical data can be tracked with the system, and cost savings can be achieved because trips to the well are reduced. Fieldwide chemical inventory programs can be optimized, audited, and double-checked.

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The Harrier+ chemical-injection controller from Graco provides cost savings and more-accurate chemical delivery.


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