High-Pressure Pump Packing

Gardner Denver’s Redline Packing is the critical seal system in the heart of the pump, which creates a barrier between the fracturing fluid and the environment. With redesigned header and pressure rings and refined material makeup, the packing can withstand increased heat, friction, and abrasion in high-­pressure environments, ultimately leading to longer product life. Its improved performance in harsh wells extends maintenance intervals, reducing downtime and increasing margins. The increased asset-usage rate allows for packing to be changed at the maintenance facility rather than at an operator location, decreasing nonproductive time (NPT). Gardner Denver collaborated with customers throughout North America for more than 1 year to test Redline Packing and ensure its success across a variety of challenging environments. In field trials, the packing pumped more than 100 million lbm of sand, reduced maintenance time by 50%, diminished NPT, and improved fleet efficiency and safety.

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Gardner Denver’s Redline Packing is designed to withstand high-pressure environments.


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