Reserves-Monitoring System

Accurate and up-to-date information regarding oil storage levels can be very difficult to obtain for some regions and, when available, often only at an aggregated level. Geospatial Insight introduced the TankWatch monitoring service. It uses image recognition and spectral profiling combined with rapid data processing to report on critical global oil-storage-terminal locations and provide time-sensitive insight into oil inventories and storage levels. It combines cloud-penetrating radar imagery with other high-resolution satellite-gathered information to ensure that the required data are captured, regardless of weather and visibility conditions. TankWatch enables a more granular and reliable level of insight into current oil inventory levels, thereby providing an understanding of the trade balances of the physical oil market and advantage for corporate strategy and planning, fundamental analysis, trading, and investing. The service provides storage-level data for each site within 24 hours of satellite-image acquisition. It captures images at the same time in monthly, weekly, or client-defined measurement periods with satellites focused on key oil storage locations around the world. A bespoke premium service is also available to clients that have their own list of alternative locations where they require regular storage intelligence.

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