Connection Technology

Hunting Energy Services introduced TEC-LOCK semipremium connection technology. The new connection, which surpasses American Petroleum Institute performance guidelines, features close-tolerance and wedge-style thread forms and offers an alternative to premium connections. The technology is designed to meet the industry’s ongoing push into extended-reach horizontal wells that require high bending and compressive and torsional resistance. TEC-LOCK BTC and BTC-S are close-­tolerance thread forms that minimize connection stresses, and eliminate the open J area, thus creating a flush inner diameter for turbulent-free flow and reduced tool hangups. Available in 4.5- to 9.625‑in. sizes, the connections deliver multiple make-and-break capabilities. The wedge-style thread form, the TEC-LOCK Wedge, features a semi-flush outer diameter (OD) and offers extremely high torque capabilities and maximum axial efficiencies. Its expanded box OD, smaller than coupling, provides less drag during installation. When used with Hunting’s SealLube thread sealant, TEC-LOCK Wedge provides a gas-leak-proof seal on a product without a metal-to-metal seal. Available sizes range from 4.5 to 7 in. Both thread forms underwent extensive testing to confirm performance.

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From left to right, the Hunting TEC-LOCK BTC, TEC-LOCK BTC-S, and TEC-LOCK Wedge connections.



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