Gas-Mitigation System

RevEnergy introduced the RevH2S, a hydrogen-sulfide (H2S) -mitigation system that safely reduces H2S gases in sour crude to less than 4 parts per million by weight (ppmw). This level is far below the industry-accepted standard of 10 ppmw. The system provides improved H2S mitigation results with no chemical contamination, emissions, or volume loss. H2S occurs naturally in many petroleum reservoirs; other oil fields have seemingly turned sour with the injection of water for enhanced recovery. High concentrations of H2S in crude oil are extremely corrosive to storage tanks, pipelines, and rail cars. If not treated properly, the toxic vapors created by H2S when stored can also be highly flammable and potentially lethal. Sour crude must be stabilized before it can be safely stored or transported, and thus the removal of H2S from crude oil is a concern for drilling operators, midstream companies, and refineries. The RevH2S system was designed in collaboration with engineering firm AECOM. The system’s benefits and features include the ability to treat to 4 ppmw, no emission of residual gases, no Title  V permit required, and minimal waste byproducts.

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