Plunger-Lift Bottomhole Assembly

Plunger lift of horizontal and unconventional wells is typically impaired by the attempted application of tools designed for vertical applications, which can lead to suboptimal artificial-lift performance. Well Master Corporation developed two new variations of plunger-lift bottomhole assemblies (BHAs) to address degraded artificial-lift performance in unconventional plunger lift wells. These are the Horizontal BHA and the Heavy-Duty BHA. Both are available in multiple hold-down configurations. Continuous plunger operations in high-energy unconventional wells result in high plunger velocities. Dissipating the kinetic energy resulting from these high velocities requires absorbing significant impacts on the BHA—repeatedly, routinely, and at high frequency. Well Master has developed a heavy-duty Rhino spring designed to better absorb and dissipate the energy of these impacts without deforming the fishing neck. This enables cost-effective deployment of steel BHAs into applications that have historically required expensive titanium BHAs. One of the primary artificial-lift challenges in unconventional wells is how to lift fluids from deeper in the heel. To facilitate such plunger operations, the company designed a horizontal spring, a BHA that contains a standing valve. This valve will remain seated at inclinations in excess of 70° and will reset at inclinations of up to 68°.  

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Well Master’s Horizontal and Heavy-Duty BHAs are available in multiple hold-down configurations.


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