Automated Offset Calculator

AccuScribe is a conventional drilling assembly offset calculator that pairs innovative hardware and software to provide an accurate record of the measurement. In drilling for oil, the accuracy of the drilling assembly is critical for reaching peak performance. A conventional bottomhole drilling assembly in measurement-while-drilling (MWD) applications has three main components: a bit, a mud motor, and a measurement tool. The drilling offset is the measured angular difference between the high side of the MWD tool and the high side of the mud motor (after assembly). This offset is entered into the surface computers, which convert the MWD heading into the mud-motor heading, allowing directional drillers to steer the bit toward their targets accurately. Currently, the industry standard of calculating the offset involves ear plugs and handwritten notes on a cluttered rig floor with two to four extra personnel. AccuScribe automates the process, which can be performed by one trained person, thereby increasing overall safety on the rig floor and decreasing issues related to drilling-assembly offsets. AccuScribe archives and distributes each reading by text or email to all parties involved.

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The AccuScribe conventional drilling assembly offset calculator pairs hardware and software to automate and streamline the process of calculation.


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