Mud-Gas Sensor

The Mathena Mud Gas Separator Intelligent Level Sensor from Weir Oil and Gas is designed to communicate mud-gas liquid levels accurately in real time to prevent overflows and maximize safety while providing active kick management, reducing cleanup costs, and lowering nonproductive time. The sensor has been used in Wyoming in nitrogen-aerated drilling operations in which overflow is a constant risk. Where operators previously had less than 20 minutes of response time, they now have 3.5 hours to prevent overflow and eliminate liquid in the secondary containment vessel, thus reducing downtime and direct costs. This technology enhancement has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for installed sites over the course of a few years. Control-valve automation can be added to enable intelligent active discharge control that further improves kick-handling capacity. With this capability, the mud discharge can be completely closed to maintain the liquid seal needed to prevent gas from reaching the shale shakers while reducing the risk of vessel overflow and ensuring an ideal gas velocity for liquids and solids separation. The control-valve automation also helps optimize labor efficiency. Intelligent level sensors can also be applied to the secondary containment vessel for comprehensive monitoring.

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