Reservoir Simulator

Italian energy company Eni and US-based Stone Ridge Technology (SRT) have entered into a cooperative agreement designed to advance the development of ECHELON, SRT’s high-performance reservoir simulator. The agreement initially covers a 3.5-year period, during which SRT and Eni will work together to enhance and promote simulation technology and work flows that are enabled by ECHELON’s performance. Reservoir-simulation codes model the subsurface flow of hydrocarbons and water in a petroleum reservoir. They allow energy companies to optimize recovery from their assets by simulating numerous hypothetical ­scenarios for well-placement and -development strategies. ECHELON offers enhanced speed and scalability and is built to run entirely on Nvidia Tesla graphics-­processing units (GPUs) and CUDA software, used in artificial-intelligence, machine-learning, and big data applications.

Recently, Eni announced the completion of a breakthrough ­calculation using ECHELON and its HPC4 cluster. A high-resolution model of a deepwater reservoir, with 5.7 million active cells, was used to generate 100,000 realizations with different petrophysical properties. All 100,000 models were completed in 15 hours running on HPC4’s 3,200 Nvidia Tesla GPUs. Each individual model simulated 15 years of production in an average of 28 minutes. By comparison, most reservoir engineers can run one single simulation in a few hours with legacy central-processing-unit-based hardware and software.

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