Rotary Steerable System

Well geometries and economics demand advanced directional drilling technology that can help to lower overall costs and drill more per day. The Magnus rotary steerable system (RSS) from Weatherford uses a push-the-bit design to satisfy the need for speed without sacrificing directional control. With rugged design elements, the RSS fits nearly any scenario and is designed for high-performance drilling applications. Unique features, including fully independent pad control and a true inclination hold, help sustain drilling, stay on plan, and reduce well-construction costs. Combining the RSS with the Wave family of logging-while-drilling tools, HyperLine downhole motors, and RipTide borehole-enlargement tools provides increased capabilities. A unique valve design helps achieve total depth. Because the three valves operate independently, they offer built-in redundancy and enhanced reliability. A streamlined design reduces sticking issues. Features such as a fully rotating bias unit, minimal bottomhole-assembly stabilization, and an optimized junk slot area reduce the risk of expensive stuck-pipe events. A proportional control system in the RSS maintains a high pace. Equivalent drilling adjustments minimize tortuosity for a smooth wellbore that can increase efficiency and reduce costs of future operations.

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The Magnus RSS from Weatherford is compatible with all standard drill-bit designs.


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