Dual-Speed Drawworks

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) introduced the DSGD-CX425 drawworks to its Rig Technologies equipment portfolio. The new dual-speed, gear-driven (DSGD) drawworks is designed for a changing land-market environment in which cost-effectiveness, footprint, and weight have become more critical than ever. Weighing approximately 61,000 lbm, the drawworks’ flexible, modular design—with the option to self-install, establish locations for the gearbox and control panel, and interchange motors—allows implementation on a wider range of drill-floor configurations. Ease of maintenance is improved with the addition of accessible covers and guards, and operational safety is increased through a braking system with redundant calipers and discs that provide greater misalignment tolerance. Performance has also been significantly enhanced; the drawworks offers 425 tons of hookload capacity on 10 lines and operates at 2,000 continuous horsepower. A new two-speed, low-inertia gearbox provides both improved hoisting speed and hookload-hoisting capabilities, while the 250-ton high gear capacity enables higher block speeds. Additionally, a high-torque, high-speed motor offers quicker tripping speeds and allows the user to maximize acceleration and deceleration.

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NOV’s DSGD-CX425 drawworks features a flexible, modular design for reduced footprint and increased cost-effectiveness.


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