Refracturing Liner

The accelerated decline rates of tight unconventional reservoirs have intensified a surge in refracturing programs. Operators are taking advantage of improved fracturing designs to increase production and estimated ultimate recoveries of largely impermeable shale wells. Enventure introduced a series of expandable liners, including the ESeal refracturing liner, that provides zonal isolation in higher-temperature environments in order to extend the safe operating window. Operators have achieved production increases with solid expandable technology after refracturing liners have been installed, compared with production before the refracturing. The enhanced expandable refracturing liner provides 16% more tensile strength to allow installations in the 225°F–250°F range. The high-temperature refracturing liner provides 40% more strength to allow installation in the 300°F range. Pairing this offering with its proprietary engineered liner analysis, the company can assist operators in making data-based decisions about their refracturing options. Two successful field installations using the new expandable liners have been completed. The first installation occurred in south Texas. 5,000 ft of 4¼-in. expandable liner was installed and expanded inside 5½-in. casing at a bottomhole temperature of 230°F. A second 450-ft installation occurred in west Texas, also inside 5½ in. casing at a bottomhole temperature of 165°F. Both were installed, pressure-tested, and fractured with no indication of pressure loss.  

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The ESeal expandable refracturing liner from Enventure provides increased tensile strength.


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