High-Efficiency Mixer

ProSep’s eClip mixers focus on production chemical savings by using compact designs for 2- to 8-in. production pipelines. The compact nature of the mixer allows for a simple installation and change-out to match the new production conditions and ensures high performance. The mixer also provides injection, dispersion, and mixing in a compact form, offering a threaded model and a wafer model. The mixer is environmentally friendly, with no clogging and low maintenance, and efficiently disperses quench water to cool hot gas within the mixer body. The mixer can be used for optimizing injection of production chemicals including H2S scavengers for injecting and efficiently mixing in the natural gas stream. It also provides highly efficient mixing with low pressure drop and low injection rates and has demonstrated the ability to reduce chemical consumption by 20–40%.  The mixer provides homogeneous mixing with no lower limit on the injection fluid flow rate.

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The eClip mixer from ProSep provides injection, dispersion, and mixing in a compact form.


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