High-Pressure/Low-Pressure Flow System

Ashcor introduced a high-pressure/low-pressure (HP/LP) flare system for primary use in upstream oil and gas applications. The flare system allows operators to combust dual HP/LP gas streams in the same unit, eliminating years of maintenance and installation costs. The system includes both high- and low-pressure burners, which offer site operators the flexibility and opportunity to save money they might otherwise have spent on the installation and operation of separate systems. The HP/LP system can function with both burners operating at once or as a singular high-pressure or singular low-pressure unit, resulting in smokeless combustion and a smaller onsite footprint. It can be used for several flows and pressure ranges, and can also be constructed for use with single high- or low-pressure flow. With scalable build options up to 50 ft, the flare has a dual capacity of 10 MMscf/D and includes a single retractable pilot to light both burners. Its smokeless combustion promotes environmental stewardship by reducing the amount of pollution released, which, in turn, helps oil and gas organizations meet state and federal regulatory requirements. The flare also reduces hazards and protects employees, residences, and resources near the site by safely burning off flammable gas.

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Ashcor’s HP/LP Flare System includes both high- and low-pressure burners, reducing costs and increasing flexibility.


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