Ultradeep Resistivity Service

Halliburton introduced the EarthStar ultradeep resistivity service, a logging-while-drilling technology that helps operators map reservoir and fluid boundaries more than 200 ft from the wellbore. The service delivers a comprehensive reservoir view so operators can eliminate costly pilot holes and sidetracks, make informed geosteering decisions in real time, and plan future field development. The service uses azimuthal electromagnetic measurements to map the geological structure around a wellbore. Operators can deploy the service in several applications, including geomapping, to estimate the volume of hydrocarbons in a reservoir and to identify bypassed pay. In geosteering applications, EarthStar helps position wells in the reservoir’s sweet spot for maximizing recovery. Additionally, through geostopping, the service provides early indications of potential drilling hazards. An operator in the North Sea recently deployed the service in a mature carbonate field to identify remaining oil within a partially waterflooded reservoir. The service mapped the location of the oil and helped guide geosteering decisions to maximize well contact with the oil-bearing zones. After successfully drilling a long interval, the well entered a zone of injected water that continued for more than 400 ft. The operator considered halting drilling, but the data indicated a second oil deposit approximately 50 ft below the well. This increased the productive length of the zone by 50%.

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The EarthStar ultradeep resistivity service from Halliburton delivers a comprehensive reservoir view to optimize field development.


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