Perforating System

The GameChanger perforating system from C&J Energy Services features a semidisposable gun assembly designed to increase efficiency and reliability by eliminating the misruns and resulting nonproductive time associated with traditional gun systems. The system is compatible with all standard-shaped charges, a feature that improves flexibility to economically revise the gun design according to formation characteristics. The port-free design eliminates pinch points that can damage electrical connections, has no port plugs that can become lodged in the well, and decreases the chance of flooded guns significantly. Addressable switches provide real-time confirmation throughout the downhole descent. Additionally, the addressable switch and detonator are located inside the gun instead of in the sub, which provides easier assembly and reduces the chance of wires becoming crimped. Plug-and-play connections, combined with easy arming, eliminate wires between guns and subs, which further removes pinch points and provides a high level of confidence in the wellbore. Using the compact C&J top sub and plug shoot sleeve, the system reduces the length and weight of the gun string, which requires less rigup equipment and provides safer onsite handling.

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C&J Energy Services’ GameChanger perforating system.



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