Perforating Gun System

The H-1 perforating gun system from Hunting eliminates common conventional gun-system failures. Electrical contact components replace the lead wire to provide a plug-and-play assembly. There is no chance for nicked or pinched wires because there is no wire from gun to gun. The pressure switch wiring is now housed within a quick-connect cartridge. Box-by-pin tool design of the gun assembly eliminates the need for a ported tandem sub so that the risk of seal-point failure from O-ring failure reduces. Furthermore, gun strings with 10 H-1 perforating guns have 22 O-rings rather than 50 or more, which is typical for conventional gun strings. To make surface handling even simpler, the H-Lok shaped-charge technology simply screws and locks into place. The H-1 also prevents waste with predetermined detonating cord lengths that remove the need for measuring and trimming after wiring. The system has a small equipment footprint. The distance from top shot to top shot reduces by 4 to 6 in. per gun. The distance from the cable head to the first shot reduces by approximately 8 in., and the distance from the last shot to the setting tool reduces by approximately 12 in. There is a faster ramp-up to injection and lower treating pressure because of this decreased distance between charges.

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Hunting’s H-1 perforating gun system.


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