Dissolvable Cement Retainer

Conventional cement retainers used for secondary cementing operations are normally made of cast iron and composite materials that can be drilled out later. In some scenarios, the debris left downhole may cause major issues when the tubing or cased hole is under critical wellbore inner-diameter restriction or is having difficulties circulating cuttings out of the well. Vertechs introduced the Piranha dissolvable cement retainer to help a North Sea operator eliminate these concerns. The dissolvable cement retainer is an enhanced design based on the field-proven Chameleon dissolvable bridge plug. The new retainer has a fully dissolvable packing element and robust dual slips for holding pressure up to 10,000 psi in 125V-grade casings. The dissolvable cement retainer provides operators with the option to either drill out or let the retainer dissolve after the cement squeeze operation is completed.

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The Piranha dissolvable cement retainer from Vertechs.


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