Microtracer Technology

Current multistage hydraulic-­fracturing operations in shale can be expensive, environmentally challenging, and inefficient. Hydraulic-fracturing operations already represent up to 70% of the total drilling and completion cost for each well. Combined with increasing completion intensity, these obstacles drive the need for more-accurate data on the performance of individual fracturing stages to enable improved decision-­making. QuantumPro introduced a smart microtracer portfolio that integrates intelligent-completion diagnostics and provides operators with accurate, actionable, real-time performance-flow-profile data. These data can be used to optimize completion strategies, achieve optimal production per foot, and reduce completion cost. The microtracer portfolio, coupled with subatomic measurements, provides accurate and robust detection capabilities. Rigorous tracer design and an automated process with stringent quality control assures precise tracer addition. Follow-up on-site laboratory analysis featuring big-data analytics and 3D fracture-modeling and proprietary ­diagnostics capabilities provides accurate, calibrated, actionable, and cost-effective completion-diagnostics results. Because microtracer data are typically captured over several weeks or months, operators are provided access to continuous flow-profiling data to optimize well performance routinely when new completion-diagnostics results are received. This enables operators to reduce cost and optimize production in shale developments.

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