Portable Gas Analyzer

Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) has become an accepted technology for crucial on-line gas-analysis applications. The high reliability of the semiconductor lasers used in TDLAS instruments is the result of decades of technology development for the telecommunications industry. Correspondingly, TDLAS-based instruments tend to be robust and reliable and require minimal maintenance. Three key measurement attributes of the TDLAS technique are specificity for the analyte, high sensitivity, and fast response speed. Accordingly, AMETEK Process Instruments has broadened its line of 5100 Series gas analyzers to include a portable version. The Model 5100P provides simple moisture analysis using TDLAS. The durable, lightweight natural-gas analyzer is designed for ease of use in performing water-vapor measurements in remote locations or to verify fixed analyzer installations.

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AMETEK Process Instruments’ 5100P portable gas analyzer.


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