Production Optimization Fluid Technology

Clear Solutions introduced its Pure-Bore technology for use in fluid systems. The technology provides the flexibility to be the design basis for a range of applications, from shallow section ­fluids to more-complex requirements for reservoir drilling. Pure-Bore’s construction features natural polymer chains with shear-thinning properties that can provide very low equivalent circulating density. The technology optimizes hydraulic horsepower at the bit, allowing improved hole cleaning and increased rate of penetration, particularly in large-diameter and long lateral sections. This allows users to adjust to different well-construction requirements, using a similar design approach without incurring costly well displacements and ­surface-equipment preparations. Biodegradable with nontoxic chemistry, the product allows aquifer protection. These features enable operators to achieve a monobore approach, using the same core fluid from top to bottom with minor fine-tuning throughout the section and shortening overall well-delivery time. From an operational perspective, fluid management is improved through less product load, design simplicity, and leaner inventory management. The technology has been used by several operators in Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

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