Wireline Truck

Nine Energy Service introduced the SkyVIEW wireline truck, engineered to enhance safety and reliability to eliminate downtime and further improve successes in wireline operations. The trucks will begin initial operations at Nine’s Permian and Northeast locations starting in the third quarter of 2018. With the trucks, Nine strives to improve upon its 99% success rate in wireline operations by offering greater visibility for the operator with windows above and on the sides to increase safety. An open back also allows 90° visibility, unlike traditional wireline trucks. A reengineered logging unit makes it possible to change out the wireline drum in 20 minutes, allowing for use of different types of cable for varying job requirements. The new truck design lowers downtime by offering greater efficiency and true redundancy, with an extra drum stored on the truck instead of an offsite shop. A separate power pack offers independent hydraulic and generator power that can be used to power the operation in the event of a vehicle failure or when the operator does not want to draw on the truck’s power. The power pack provides hydraulic pressure and alternating-­current/direct-current power so that downtime is averted.

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The SkyVIEW wireline truck from Nine Energy Service.


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