Sensing System

Silixa has introduced Carina, a versatile fiber-optic sensing system comprising an advanced optoelectronics interrogator and sensing cables, which are equipped with the new family of engineered Constellation fibers that gain two orders of magnitude more sensitivity over that achieved with standard fibers. Applications such as borehole seismic, well production profiling, pipeline leak detection, and perimeter security have benefited from the inherent nature of the technology, whereby a standard optical fiber acts as a huge sensor array. The Constellation fiber is engineered to provide bright scatter centers along its length to capture and reflect more light back to the interrogator. This is achieved without introducing significant loss to the forward-propagating laser pulses. It is possible to achieve the massive coverage of distributed sensors without having to compromise on sensitivity. This change in performance is most acute in applications with low acoustic-signal levels such as leak detection and production monitoring, where acoustic information can be present at, or below, the inherent system noise floor of the current technology and therefore can be difficult to detect. Borehole seismic applications stand to benefit from greatly reduced source effort required to achieve high-quality, densely sampled seismic data, leading to significantly reduced operating time and costs.

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