Artificial-Lift Foamers

Aubin has developed a new range of “green” foamers certified for use in the North Sea and Europe. Aubin has focused on surfactant-based foaming agents suitable for a variety of brines, temperatures, and condensate levels, therefore unlocking a new gas-well de­liquefication solution. Both operators and service companies have verified the laboratory performance of the new product range, leading to field trials in the North Sea and Europe. ­Laboratory-testing methods involve a dynamic liquid-unloading technique by a test-rig apparatus and column tests by bubbling gas at the bottom of a cylinder, which aim either to remove a percentage of total liquids from the column or to evaluate the quality of the foam generated. The dynamic-liquid-­unloading-test rig simulates the well in the laboratory. The foam generated is collected in a tank and then sits on a balance, obtaining the weight of the fluids unloaded from the column. Gas purge at the bottom of the cylinder by a porous sinter reveals the quality of the foam and buildup time and half-life of the foam. Test results have shown a significant de­liquefication percentage, up to 90%, for highly loaded condensate wells.


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